Highlights of 2017

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Highlights of 2017

I'm so excited for the new year but just wanted to do a last 2017 post to share some of the highlights of 2017. Overall, it's been a year of change with new products, partnerships and some much hard learned business lessons. While I was in awe of how well things went in 2016 and all the support I received, 2017 was a little more challenging on the business front. I won't get into that but some definite lessons in trust & integrity were learned (actually maybe I will one day).


Malachite + Elephant Collection

So back to the highlights. First off, the Malachite + Elephant line of products is growing. Three new products were launched this year and I'm so pleased with how well they're doing.

This is Us!!! 



New product launches

I also launched some other new products by our esteemed suppliers.

The LUVSCRUB was an end of year find for me and I'm so happy to have tried it and to be able to share it with you. It is a game changer and like so many things, this is a 'remix' of a tried and true product that gives west African women that GLOW. Find out more here

I also started offering Wary Meyers Glycerin Soaps after seeing them in a shop in Montreal - these are the prettiest soaps I have ever seen! The fun part of running M+E is that I get to choose products. There are so many different designs in the Wary Meyers Collection. I chose some that I like, some that I think are complementary and some that I think you would also like. They are amazingly beautiful, you might be tempted to just use them for show but shouldn't they're that good.


We also launched our first Made in Canada brand, Mabrook & Co. The natural beauty behind this brand is Aliya and she makes the most exquisitely scented (and now also unscented) Clean Deodorants and Lip balms. 


Mabrook & Co - Clean Deodorant Full Size or Travel Size 


Gaia Collective MoonBox

Made some new inspiring and amazing friends, Paula Pavlova (see natural beauty below) is one of them. She is one of the founders of the Gaia Collective. Each moon cycle, the Collective delivers a Full Moon ritual and Meditation box filled with crystals and intention setting products. I look forward to mine every month especially for the crystals and guided meditation.

Malachite + Elephant's Tropical Bath was featured in their Flower Moonbox. It was so much fun creating 500+ samples of our Tropical bath for the box and even more exciting actually receiving my own and sharing a few boxes with family & friends. I definitely look forward to participating again in 2018. 



Tropical Bath in Gaia Collective MoonBox


It's always nice to get likes, shares, shout outs, blogger mentions & reviews; this year we made some pretty amazing lists such as...


L'Union Suite Haitian Owned Business We were also chosen by local friends of the National Arts Centre Opera to be part of their Holiday Silent Auction.



Four Brown Girls

Yep! FBG is it's own category. Words cannot express the admiration I have for these ladies.   I will ALWAYS support or try to participate in their events, just love what they do to promote Black Girl Magic. If they ever need a fifth Brown Girl - sign me up!!! They invited me to my first ever event and this year, I participated in another hugely succesful one in my hometown of Ottawa under the theme 'Fixing Each Other's Crowns'. If you haven't heard about them, run to their website or social media, you do not want to miss their next event.



Four Brown Girls - Black Beauties Brunching

 We also participated in other events locally such as the School Of Afro-Caribbean Dance's Holiday Night Market. See all of our events here.


M+E is built on the principle of giving back and I've decided to do that globally by supporting the Haiti Tree Project. This year through M+E's sales, I was able to donate enough to plant over 200 trees. I hope to match that again for 2017.

This year, I'm happy to say that Malachite + Elephant was recognized as an official partner of THTP.  I will continue on this partnership in the new year with a very exciting new campaign (stay tuned).


M+E Logo

Oh and how could I forget... the new M+E logo which was sent to me out of the blue by a designer who just happened to stumble upon our social media call for a new logo. He just came up with this idea on his own. I just love how this partnership has worked out.

So this is it, some of the highlights of 2017. Before I go, I would like to thank all of you NATURAL BEAUTIES for reading, supporting, commenting, sharing and for all the love and encouragement.

Also a final big thank you and kisses to my little helper nieces and nephew who helped me manage, count, create, package, sell, carry boxes, make drop offs at the post office but most importantly these little souls made me laugh throughout the year - Tantine Lily loves you very much!!!


As always... À bientôt.




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