About Us

At M+E you will find the best natural body, face and hair products. We offer you products for the whole family. We make sure that they are natural and safe to use by even the most sensitive skins. We read the labels so you don't have to.


M+E Principles

  1. Ethically traded products
  2. Organic and/or natural products free of carcinogens and harsh chemicals
  3. Cruelty-free + no animal by-products
  4. Eco-friendly, minimize impact on environment
  5. Socially responsible - support charitable organizations
  6. Support small and medium enterprise - handmade and small batch productions



Malachite is a stone found in every continent. It is known for its opaque strength; the movement and flow of its lines soothe and welcome. It's colour is a deep healing green reminiscent of nature. It is believed to be a stone of transformation, providing spiritual growth and protection from negativity.

Elephants are a symbol of strength, patience and happiness. Elephants are loyal beings, always standing up for others in their natural habitat.

Soothing, healing, strength & happiness is Malachite + Elephant


Our Cause 

Malachite + Elephant is a proud partner of the Haiti Tree Project, a portion of all our sales are donated to this initiative.



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