M+E Ambassador

Malachite + Elephant Ambassadors are passionate about green & ethical beauty


Solara - singer and songwriter is a Malachite + Elephant AmbassadorSolara is a singer / songwriter who hails from California. She is Malachite + Elephant's first Ambassador.  

"I have always felt that natural beauty comes from within. It’s confidence, compassion for others, self worth, learning to accept yourself for who you are and realizing that there is only ONE you." ... more here.





Anaëlle Stephanie or Nanà is a Montreal-based blogger, herbalist and artisan. Her blog AFRO PREPPY  is a space dedicated to discussing social issues, be creative and also includes an afro-entrepreneurs directory. 

"...natural beauty is loving and caring for the skin you're in. (...) Nobody can take your natural beauty away from you. It's sacred, yours to live, embrace and nurture."... more here  




We'd love to have you!!

  • Are you a blogger, vlogger, influencer or have an active social media presence?
  • You are preferably not affiliated to other beauty product stores
  • You can commit to reviewing our products and writing blogs or other social media posts including pictures about the products (minimum 4 per year)
  • You can assist in M+E promotions, contests and giveaways

If you are interested - send us an email at contact@malachite-elephant.com with the following information:

  • a short bio explaining your love of green & ethical beauty
  • how do you define natural beauty? and selfcare?
  • your hobbies and other interests
  • your social media handles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc...)
What you will receive:
  • products (free or discounted) to review
  • a portion of sales generated from your referrals
  • features on M+E website and social media accounts

Applicants must be 19 years or older.  

Can't wait to meet you all!!!!
À bientôt!

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