Our very first M+E Ambassador: SOLARA

July 17, 2018 0 Comments

Our very first M+E Ambassador: SOLARA

I'm utterly excited to introduced our very first M+E Ambassador, singer & songwriter SOLARA. I first heard of Solara on Instagram through her music and then learned about her travels and love of Haiti.

I don't quite remember who reached out to whom first but we discussed collaborating early on. I couldn't be happier that we were finally able to make it happen. Firstly because I am a true lover of music and never thought these two passions of mine - ethical beauty & music - would ever collide but mostly because Solara is such an inspiring woman whose natural beauty is incomparable. She is confident, talented, funny and follows her heart. She donates her time to charities in Haiti and gives so much love to her 'kids' in Haiti. You can feel her positive energy and warmth through her music and everything she does and that voice...sounds like an angel.

 Solara Music Office is the first M+E Ambassador

About Solara, in her own words...

As a kid, I was really hard on myself. I grew up in a loving home yet it was filled with pretty high expectations. Living near LA, I naturally ended up in the acting scene, having a manger for most of my life, going out on auditions… the whole thing. As I grew up, I remember one day staring into the mirror and telling myself I would never make it because my face wasn’t perfect enough for TV. My eyebrows weren’t identical on each side and I basically just nitpicked myself to pieces. When I was around 17, I fired my manager as I realized she was putting me out for roles that went against almost everything I stood for. Around that time is when I got into music as well. Music had always been a huge part of my life but I didn’t really start pursuing it professionally until I was 18. I was doing local shows in Hollywood and a producer in the audience invited me to start songwriting at his studio. From there, I spent many years songwriting for other people but always wanting to be the artist not the writer in the corner of the room. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but that just wasn’t me. I felt stuck, so I starting writing music for myself and releasing it on the side and that’s when things started happening. I independently released my first EP in 2017 titled “Fiction” and that has opened many doors for me.


J. Perry performs Relax with Solara from Album Kiyes Ou Ye

Her love for Haiti

Around that same time is when I met J Perry in Haiti. We released a track together called “Relax” that ended up very organically on his album “Kiyes Ou Ye”. I absolutely love the music scene in Haiti! Haiti has inspired me more than anyone will ever know. I started going to Haiti right after the earthquake volunteering with different church groups and organizations. I just couldn’t get enough and kept going back even on my own to visit families that have become dear friends. They have such a rich beautiful culture despite the hardships they have endured. Sometimes it feels like a dream that my love for Haiti and music has now meshed together in the most beautiful way. Haiti has taught me a lot about true beauty and what that really means.


Solara in Haiti

Solara continues to visit Haiti on a regular basis, to record music, do charitable work and visit her beautiful kids - see cutie pictured here.

Last time she was there, we missed each other  by a week. We need to plan our trips better next time!!!





How does Solara define natural beauty?

I have always felt that natural beauty comes from within. It’s confidence, compassion for others, self worth, learning to accept yourself for who you are and realizing that there is only ONE you. I’m so grateful for Haiti and what it’s taught me. I’m excited to be partnering with Malachite + Elephant as they are an ethical company I truly believe in! 


 You can find Solara on Instagram and YouTube to hear her angelic voice ... truly touches your soul! 


So, so happy to partner with you Solara, Love you !!!!

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À bientôt!



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