ASILI LIVING CO. - Black-Woman / Canadian Made Beauty

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

ASILI LIVING CO. - Black-Woman / Canadian Made Beauty

This new retail partnership was finalized just in time for International Women's Day! ASILI LIVING CO. is Black-woman owned, Canadian based clean skincare company. I'm so happy to finally carry this line on Malachite + Elephant!!!



Telecia Knight / Owner & Formulator of ASILI LIVING CO"

I had the pleasure of meeting Telecia a few months ago, and it was so nice to see her passion for her brand and for offering you the best clean and safe products. 

In her own words...

In 2014 I had a large fibroid surgically removed.  I asked my surgeon outside of hereditary factors are there things lifestyle changes that I can implement to manage this issue as fibroids are known to grow back.

She mentioned to me that I should try to refrain from using products that contain parabens.  After some extensive research I became aware how many ingredients in the beauty industry have hormone disrupting effects, contributing to fibroids, cysts, infertility and cancer.

I started to research cleaner alternatives and realized that a lot of brands marketed as cleaner and healthier contained harmful chemicals.

I started making my own products for personal use with some encouragement from friends  4 years later I created Asili Living.



M+E supports ethical brands, all our retail partners have to give back in some way to social causes, to encouraging entrepreneurship, to protecting the environment,...

I bring awareness at times to social causes like Black Lives matter,  Aboriginal rights.   But I think the most good is to educate people on the dangers of toxic ingredients and support people who are interested in embarking on  clean living.



Telecia sent me the most generous gift bundle a few months back and I fell in love with the body oil & bath salts!!! For the launch, I chose to share these signature products that will help you ELEVATE your bath and skincare routines. 

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