• Textured surface
  • Large size can scrub your back (Length stretches up to 50”)
  • Long lasting
  • 100% Nylon
  • Hand cut with LUV

So easy to use:

Wet and apply your body wash or soap.  Experience the lather.  Massage over body.  Rinse and air dry.  Use daily or as needed.
  • great for pre spray tanning and in between waxing sessions 

Important Information:

  • All LUV SCRUBS are unique and in their traditional form
  • Pieces are hand cut with LUV so each one is different
  • Mesh will stretch in length and sides will fray with time
  • Characteristics listed above will not take away from the LUV (i.e. effectiveness of the product)

Caution: Do not use on areas with cuts and abrasions.  Not recommended for those with sensitive skin conditions.  If skin irritation occurs, stop using immediately.