Gaia Collective Flower Moonbox

April 24, 2017 0 Comments

Gaia Collective Flower Moonbox

Just in time for our 2 year Anniversary, Malachite + Elephant will be featured in the GAIA COLLECTIVE May Moonbox -  a full moon ritual in a box.

 GAIA COLLECTIVE MOONBOX featuring Malachite + Elephant

MOONBOX - A Celebration of Every Full Moon

I was approached by the lovely Paula a few months ago. Paula is one of the founders of the Gaia Collective. The timing of her call was perfect ,we had a nice chat and discovered that our intentions  and interests were so aligned. Of course, I accepted her offer to be featured in a MoonBox...How cool!!!


Paula, Founder of the Gaia Collective

'Paula is a dedicated yogi, focused and committed to illuminating the beauty in our human experience through soulful practice (...) She firmly believes that movement, meditation, and creation of that which sets your hear on fire, is a recipe for self realization - the fabric of human compassion.'



 The GAIA Collective is a group of artists who believe in spreading positive intention and universal compassion. Just like us, they are also tree loving folk -  they plant trees with every MOONBOX.

'Each moon cycle, we deliver a MoonBox & host a Moon Event featuring a Full Moon Ritual + Meditation, and embrace the lessons of yoga. Our mission is to optimize the energy of our Moon, her invigorating powers, and align ourselves with her placement in the stars. ... We believe that creativity is a healing force that can be an inspired by connecting yourself with the art of the earth: crystals & nature.'





Malachite + Elephant Tropical Bath Soak in the Gaia Collective May Moonbox


The May Mooonbox is in celebration of the Flower Moon and it contains:

  • our grounding & relaxing Tropical Bath Soak (pictured here by Paula)
  • 3 crystals
  • an essential oil blend
  • a guided Full Moon ritual & meditation
  • a Moon Oracle Card
  • a tea blend


Subscribe now to receive your box before the May 10th full moon … We also have a few samples of the Tropical Bath Soak for purchase here.


À bientôt!



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