Skincare Routine for Oily or Acne Prone skin

July 28, 2016 0 Comments

Skincare Routine for Oily or Acne Prone skin

TGIN African Black Soap, Birchrose & Co Mask and Balm & Co Activated Charcoal Cleanser

If you have oily skin, you skin has a tendency  to overproduce sebum, that's the skin's natural oils which can give it a shiny appearance and also lead to breakouts or acne. There are various  products you can use to minimize this excess oil all using natural products. 

Here are some steps you can add to your skincare routine that will help you keep your oily-prone skin fresh, clean and blemish free.

Wash your face twice a day (morning and before bed)

TGIN African Black Soap

TGIN's African Black Soap ($5.50 CAN) is great for oily or combination skin. It is truly a customer favorite, we can't seem to keep it in stock. It's black colour come from activated charcoal which helps draw out dirt, debris and impurities trapped deep inside of the pores that cause bumps, breakouts and acne. This soap also works  for people who suffer from allergies, eczema or psoriasis.


Balm & Co. Activated Charcoal Cleanser

Balm & Co's Activated Charcoal Cleanser ($28.00 CAN) is specifically made for your nighttime cleansing routine. It also contains activated charcoal which draws out impurities as well as aloe vera juice to maintain skin's firmness and hydration and eucalyptus floral water to reduce blemishes and prevent breakouts.



Birchrose & Co - Cleansing Oil

Birchrose & Co's Tamanu and Wild Citrus Cleansing Oil ($20.00 CAN) works amazingly well at removing makeup and gently cleansing the skin. This blend of botanical  and essential oils provides nourishment & renewal,  and softens and brightens the skin.

If you have doubts about using an oil cleanser on oily skin, click here to read our blog on the Oil Cleansing Method.



Use a Toner

Balm & Co Activated Charcoal Toner Toners are used to shrink pores after cleansing,  this creates an additional layer of protection to the skin by reducing the penetration of impurities. Toners also helps balance the skin's PH levels which in turn balances sebum production.      Balm & Co's Activated Charcoal Toner ($26.00 CAN) contains aloe vera juice and blood orange extracts that act as an antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.



Use a spot treatment to get rid of blemishes

Balm & Co Activated Charcoal Blemish Stick

Balm & Co's Blemish Stick  ($10.00 CAN) works wonders on emerging pimples or blemishes. Use this spot treatment before bedtime and rinse it off in the morning. It contains witch hazel which has astringent properties and reduces the clogging of pores.

Jessica of Bytown & Bloor fell in love with this product after using it once. See her review here.




Try a face mask

Birchrose & Co Cacao + Honey Face Mask

 Birchrose & Co.'s Cacao + Honey Face mask ($35.00 CAN) is definitely a fave! It contains cacao to clear and balance skin, cooling peppermint and manuka honey to combat acne and to help rejuvenate collagen.

I think everyone should indulge in a weekly face mask. For an added cooling effect, store them in the fridge. I alternate between this one and my very own Activated Charcoal Mask. Use masks 2 or three times a week for a deep cleanse and detox.  


What's part of your skincare routine? we'd love to hear from you!

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