DIY: Activated Charcoal Detox + Hydrate Mask

June 14, 2016 0 Comments

Malachite + Elephant Activated Charcoal Mask Recipe

In the last blog, I shared some of the skin care benefit of Activated Charcoal. For this one I wanted to share my DIY AC Detox + Hydrating Face Mask.

Malachite + Elephant Canada DIY Activated Charcoal mask

AC is better suited for oily or acne-prone skin. I have neither, my skin tends to be on the dryer side and I rarely get breakouts but I still like the feel of my weekly AC Detox mask. AC pulls out dirt and oil, I add some moisture to my mask by adding rose water, aloe vera gel and vitamin E.

Malachite + Elephant Canada DIY Activated Charcoal mask

Here's my recipe for my AC Detox & Hydrate Mask.

  • 1 tbs - Activated Charcoal: see benefits here in our last blog post

  • 1 tbs - Bentonite Clay: removes toxins, exfoliates, unclogs & shrinks pores & makes skin softer

  • 2 tbs - Rose Water: hydrates & moisturizes, cools the skin, has anti-bacterial properties

  • 1 tbs - Aloe Vera Gel: moisturizes skin without being oily, soothes inflammation & itchiness, fights aging

  • 6 capsules - Vitamin E: anti-aging, prevents water loss from the skin

As always my measurements are not exact so feel free to play around with measurements and even other ingredients.

    Mix all the ingredients, the mixture should have the consistency of light yogurt.

    Malachite + Elephant Canada DIY Activated Charcoal mask

    Using these measurements, you should have enough for 4 - 5 applications, just keep the leftover mask in the fridge. It feels even better when applied cool.

    I like to apply it with my fingers but you can also apply it with a brush avoiding the eye area. I leave it on for about 10-15 minutes, while I read a book, meditate, fold laundry and just check my IG.


    Balm & CO Lilac Toner


    Then rinse off. My skin tends to feel a little dry after so I sprits a little Balm & Co. Lilac Hydrating Toner for added hydration.


    My skin then feels soooo silky & soft #flawless



    If you are not the DIY type, M+E also carries two different clay based masks from Birchrose & Co. whether you prefer cacao or papaya.

    Birchrose & Co Mask


    There are so many other uses for AC, see Hey Fran Hey's video on 5 Ways she uses Activate Charcoal:

    Let me know if you tried this mask, what did you use? It's your skin, use what you have on hand, you really can't go wrong.


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