Lilac - Hydrating Toner

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Lilac was made with dry skin in mind. This beautiful toner is naturally hued a light purple from being infused with blue pea flowers. Lilac is packed with hydrating ingredients and essential oils that will not only heal skin but also brighten. Lilac leaves the skin and hair rejuvenated, refreshed and smelling amazing! 

Blue Pea Flowers: Antioxidant-rich, strengthens hair and skin, reduces fine lines and improves dermal health

Aloe Vera Juice: pH balancing, hydrating, soothing

Neroli: antiseptic, emollient, assists w/ rejuvenating aging skin

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Blue Pea Flowers (Organic), Witch Hazel (alcohol-free), Aloe Vera Juice, Aspen Bark Extract (natural preservative), Lilac Absolute, Essential Oil blend of Neroli, Lavender + Lemon

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