Activated Charcoal - A miracle ingredient

June 06, 2016 0 Comments

Products made with Activated Charcoal by Skinnamon, TGIN and Balm & Co.

You've probably noticed Activated Charcoal  (AC) added to many beauty products such as face masks, soaps, toothpaste and even fresh pressed juices lately. AC has been used since Ancient Egypt for medicinal as well as skincare purposes. It is a powerful purifier, it's antibacterial, anti fungal and also absorbs bad odours.

You will find Activated Charcoal in many products sold in Malachite + Elephant. 

TGIN African Black Soap

TGIN African Black Soap is a cleansing bar that draws out dirt, debris and impurities trapped deep inside pores that cause bumps, breakouts and acne. Its great for oily and combination skin or for people who suffer from allergies eczema and psoriasis. It also contains olive oil coconut oil, and shea butter so it's also very hydrating.


This is what one happy customer had to say about the soap "This soap is fabulous, it does wonders for combination skin. My skin truly feels clean but it does not strip the moisture from my skin like other deep cleansers I've tried. After the first use even my husband noticed the difference. I've given up my old cleanser that I would pay $40 for at the spa, I'm hooked!"

Traditionally, African Black Soap is made from the ash of local plants such as plantain, cocoa pods and shea tree bark. Other ingredients such as water, various local oils and shea butter are added. It is often made by women, in West Africa, mainly Ghana. Different communities have their own specific secret recipes and techniques which causes the soap to be different colours from deep black to a light nutty brown.

Why is AC so effective?  AC is also well known as a detox agent - it absorbs 1000 times its volume in toxins, bacteria and dirt. It only makes sense that added to face masks and other skin products it helps draw out daily accumulated impurities helping you achieve a #flawless complexion and fight acne. 

Skinnamon Coco Detox  with activated charcoal

Skinnamon Coco Detox - Body + Face Scrub is a Plant-based organic salt scrub with AC and raw cacao. Gently exfoliates and polishes skin, fights acne, dry skin and blemishes, brightens and tightens skin.

Ingredients include raw cacao which is a powerful antioxidant that defends against free radicals; dead sea salt, coconut oil and vitamin E.

Use it daily or weekly to cleanse, exfoliate, promote circulation and encourage cellular rejuvenation.


M+E recently added the Balm & Co's Night Collection. These new products are a great addition to your nighttime routine. All three products contain AC and some added hydrating ingredients. They are fantastic for acne-prone skin and reducing oiliness without being harsh. 

Balm & Co - Night Collection - Activated Charcoal made by Alex Elle
The AC Cleanser (bottom right) with the bonus of aloe vera juice, reduces skin irritation and moisturizes skin. It's high in vitamins c + e which is excellent for maintaining firmness and hydration. Also contains Eucalyptus to  reduces blemishes, prevents breakouts and has antifungal, analgesic, antiseptic properties.

The Toner (top) is formulated to help detox, balance and activate healing of the skin. It also contains Aloe vera juice and Blood Orange Hydrosols as an antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and for a nice citrusy scent.

...and finally the Blemish Stick (bottom left) is a spot treatment that helps get rid of emerging pimples. It contains Witch Hazel which helps shrink pores and reduce clogging. 

Most acne treatments contain harsh chemicals which work to reduce the blemish but dry out the skin. AC is so gentle that it does not cause dryness and can be used by all skin types instead of harsh cleansers. 

M+E will be adding more products containing AC to it's lineup. Come back soon to see them.

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