Your Top 10 products of 2019

February 06, 2020 0 Comments

Your Top 10 products of 2019

Hi Beauties!

Here it is your Top 10 favorites 2019. These are the products that were added to your M+E cart most often and with the best reviews. There are a some returning faves, a few newbies as well as some that were on my Top 5 list of 2019.   

1 #MadeInCanada

Mabrook & Co Natural Clean Deodorant

Mabrook & Co. Clean Deodorant - we were all saddened and shocked by the news that Mabrook & Co. was closing shop in 2019. Lucky for us, the brand came back a few months later. During all of this, I was glad I kept a good stock of products and can't wait to restock this wonderful canadian brand.

CLEAN DEODORANT - I love the clean deodorant it’s a perfect size for travel and wonderful for little hands, I purchased this product for my preteen daughter who is just beginning her self care habits and she loves It! Thank you!


AWESOME CANUCK PRODUCT - Very effective and interesting product, particularly for those looking for a natural and safe alternative product. And the fact that it does not have baking soda (which can irritate sensitive skins when added to a deodorant) makes it even more interesting.
Highly recommended!

2 & 3 #MadeInHaiti

Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil - original and with essential oils - these two products have consistently made our top reviewed and top picks over the years with some people choosing the original unscented version and others the scented versions.

MINI-ME's MIRACLE PRODUCT! I must admit I first ordered this item for myself, however, quickly noticed tingling after the first 2 usages. I had read mother and daughter do not necessarily have the same hair type and indeed, mine are coarser than hers. But since her hair were really thin I decided to try the Haitian Black Castor Oil on her, hoping she would not react the same way. Wow, what a difference! Adding this product to her hair regimen was the best decision ever! Her hair isn't as soft and malleable as it used to be, nonetheless it is now thicker, fuller and stronger, which I prefer by far! I use it regularly on her scalp, she barely has any dandruff (I believe her food regimen helps a lot) and as a MUST-BE-USED item for the LOC method. Thank you Malachite + Elephant for this amazing product!

LOVE - Such a beautiful product with pure Haitian castor oil (the best kind ,))! Helps soften your hair, keep it healthy and hydrated. My favourite is the rosemary essential oil because it really helps with hair growth. Rosemary is known to stimulate hair growth and you feel in tingling a bit in your scalp which is very refreshing/soothing. I stocked up so that I’m good for some time!


 4 #ExfoliationIsKey

LUVSCRUB - great minds think alike, this is actually one of my fave, deserted island / must-have products. We've restocked this one over and over again and are pleased to offer the new shades for 2020. 

LOVE THE LUVSCRUB - I bought one for each my husband and I and our 2 kids (6 and 8), and the kids were so excited to try them. Exfoliating our backs is easily do-able, and the soap lathers up and rinses off well.
We are all very happy with these

5 #ActivatedCharcoal

TGIN African Black Soap - a customer favorite since 2015. this is an economical and effective favorite for even the most sensitive skin types. The black hue comes from activated charcoal which has many skin benefits, click here for details.


MY NEW GO-TO! - This soap is fabulous, it does wonders for combination skin. My skin truly feels clean but it does not strip the moisture from my skin like other deep cleansers I've tried. After the first use even my husband noticed the difference. I've given up my old cleanser that I would pay $40 for at the spa, I'm hooked!


6 #MadeInOttawa

M+E Body Butter - doing an happy dance!!! I'm so happy this one made the list, this is by far my favorite creation. I'm so glad it receives so much LOVE.

BEST BODY BUTTER - This body butter literally melts into your skin and smells like delicious cocoa. It’s the best thing for your skin during the harsh, dry winter weather.


I think the cream is great! It blends nicely into my skin. It has a really nice cocoa butter scent to it and it leaves my skin looking and feeling healthy. It moisturizes my dry skin very well. It's very hard for me to find a good skin cream these days that is both healthy and works well with my skin. Keep up the good work!

 7 #BestDeepConditioner

TGIN Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner consistently receives 5 star reviews.


HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT! - Although this product is marketed for naturals, it works AMAZINGLY on my texturized hair, leaving it super soft, shiny, and moisturized. The incredible slip of this product makes it perfect for detangling, and its concentrated formula means a little goes a long way. I love, love, love this hair mask. If you're on the fence about trying it, go ahead and place your order. You won't be disappointed!

8 #DiversityinBeauty

OOO Polish Nail Polishes come in many shades specifically made for ALL skin tones. 


9 #TropicalBeauty

Jacq's Organics - Healing Facial Cleanser so many of you fell in love with the tropical ingredients used by Jacq's Organics. The entire skincare line did very well but the Cleanser was your fave.

10 #NoFunk

Last but not least, Oyin Handmade - Funk Butter was a top-selling deodorant. This one comes in a little jar with mighty odour fighting power. See Petite & Bold's review of this product here.



.I can't wait to see what this new year has in store and what products will make your favorites list in 2020. One thing I can assure you is some new green + clean beauty products.




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