The Power of Positive Daily Rituals: Melly Mel Inspires

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Melissa Flerangile Melly Mel in Blue City Morocco


Melissa Flerangile aka Melly Mel - Cirque Eloise

I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful, talented, sweet, thoughtful cousin Melissa Flérangile. She is a professional dancer,  choreographer, artist and philanthropist who has visited over 40 countries. Although we don't see each other often whenever we do, it's alway filled with laughter & LOVE. I've had the privilege of seeing her dance a million times and every time she takes my breath away -  she always brings a ray of light to my life...I hope I do the same for her. 

On her last trip, she introduced me to Palo Santo and every time I light it I have a special intention for her - wherever she is in the world her bright spirit is always with me. 

As I was working on my daily routine,  I thought that with her hectic schedule and all her travels, there is not way she could maintain daily rituals...boy was I wrong. I also learned a little about her in the process. Time for you to get to know her better through a Q&A.


Please introduce yourself?

My name is Mélissa Flérangile aka Melly Mel.  I was born and raised in the Nations Capital of Canada… Ottawa, ON.  I’m a professional dancer and I have been touring for almost a decade.  I've been living out of my suitcase although my physical address is in Brooklyn, NY.  

My cultural background: my father is Haitian and my mother is French Canadian.


On the topic of routines, it must be difficult for you to maintain rituals in your day-to-day life. With your schedule being so hectic, are you able to observe daily rituals? If so what are they?

Everyday I wake a mystery to myself.  My line of work requires me to adjust and adapt to various circumstances and cultures.  I find that daily rituals are a must to keep me aligned.  My daily rituals consist of: morning visualization/mediation with crystals in my hands and at times I apply lemon on my face to clarify my skin to make it glow. I also like to drink lukewarm filtered water with lemon, Chlorophyll & ginger to kick start my metabolism.

Kreyol Essence Castor Oil at Malachite + Elephant

Every couple days I like to do a deep oil treatment with Haitian castor oil (Lwil Maskriti) for my hair. This is actually my all time favorite. I find that the quality of the water is often harsh and filled with chemicals therefore it dries out my skin and hair. Plus having curly hair makes it that I'm a primary candidate for dry hair. Therefore doing oil treatments is a must. I also like to whip Shea butter, coconut oil and lavender to use on my skin. 


Do you observe any rituals related to your many travels? 

Yes definitely. I often bathe with candles since I dislike harsh hotel lighting. Throughout the day, I always carry a spray bottle with a mixture of rose water, filtered water & lavender essential oil. Whenever the day gets hectic I spray it all over to instantly bring me back to a zen place.  At night I also enjoy putting lavender essential oil on my pillow since this allows me to sleep better & deeper. 


How many countries have you visited? which countries or cultures have had the most impact on you?

I've traveled over 40 countries such as Cuba, Brazil, India, South Africa, France, UK, Curacao, Aruba, Venezuela, Spain, Holland, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahama, Switzerland, Singapore, Gabon, Senegal, Morocco, Egypt, Mexico, Suriname, Trinidad, Italy, and Belgium...

I loved all of these places for several different reasons although my favorite would be Chefchaouen in the north of Morocco. It's absolutely magnificent! The city is completely blue, the people are authentic and full of life & the food is delicious!  A true paradise!

I also must mention South Africa since that's where my heart is.  I appreciate the epic scenery in Cape Town; it’s very similar to Rio, Brazil. The mountain and the ocean bring a smile to everyone who visits. I'm a social type so Johannesburg is a place that fits my personality. I’ve never encountered such vivacious people. I particularly enjoy Soweto due to it’s vibrant and raw culture.  It’s also one of the biggest townships in the world.

Last but not least I would have to mention Bahia, Brazil. I visited this magical place with my best friend in 2008 for carnival. It was the most authentic and magnetic carnival I've ever experienced.


What do you find beautiful in the people you have met?  

Melissa Flerangile aka Melly Mel Dancer, in SenegalI believe that people all over the world are beautiful. Beauty comes from shining your inner light. I've noticed that people who are purpose driven tend to look younger and have a permanent glow. I've witnessed that a lot of cultures have simple self-care regimens, using local natural oils: coconut, olive, shea butter, castor, jojoba & grapeseed oil. 


As an artist, what is your creative process? what gets the creative juices flowing? 

I often find that creative ideas come at random times & places. I find myself creating in the shower while lathering my body with Dr Bronner peppermint soap. Maybe it’s the smell that activates the creative juices lol.. I'm a people person therefore a lot of my ideas come from people watching & long walks...

 Melissa Flerangile

How has travel influenced your art? and your heart?

My body of work reflects my travels and state of mind. Traveling has become a big part of my evolution as a dancer and human being.  My life and work are intertwined. That's why I love what I do. It keeps all my energetic, emotional and physical body aligned. My travels have taught me to always put things in perspective and see the beauty in EVERYTHING & EVERYONE.  I am extremely appreciative and  give thanks for the bohemian path that I've chosen. 

Melissa Flerangile in New York City


This being a beauty and wellness blog, do you have any beauty items or rituals that are part of your daily (or weekly or monthly) self-care routine


Balm & Co Lunar Oil at Malachite + ElephantLunar Oil is a product I recently discovered. I absolutely love it!! I enjoy the smell and the feeling of it on my abdomen when I’m cramping “once a month” ;) I try to keep my rituals simple since I like to pack light. In addition to all the products mention above I enjoy using Jamaican castor oil shampoo & leave in conditioner from Shea Moisture. I also use crystal deodorant and St-Yves apricot facial scrubs.


Final words...

I would like to thank Malachite + Elephant for inspiring myself and others to indulge in self-care.  Many of us busy women tend to forget the importance of it.  It's always refreshing to visit your site and IG page as a daily reminder to always take time to nourish yourself because all that is righteous starts with self-love and care.


Thank you Melly Mel ...and finally, in case you are not totally smitten by her yet, here's a little clip of her in Morocco, dancing a Cuban Salsa with British Professional Magician,  Magical Bones who also happens to make her heart dance! 

You can see more of here on her website, Instagram,  TwitterYouTube .


À bientôt!




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