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Welcoming Herb 'n Beauty to our beauty and wellness product lineup.

Herb 'N Beauty was founded in 2018 by Kassandra Kernisan. Kassandra is not new to entrepreneurship; she is also the founder of Montreal's first Kemetic Yoga Studio called Studio Alkemy.  Kassandra Kernisan is also certified naturopath with advanced knowledge of healing herbs and several years of professional experience in the cosmetics industry. 

I met Kassandra three years ago when I first launched Malachite + Elephant. She showed me support by inviting me to her Konscious Market events which were a tremendous help in promoting Malachite + Elephant. I have been so thankful for her kindness and she has been an inspiration to me in so many ways which is why she made my list of inspirational women of 2018.


Herb 'n Beauty was born out of a desire to educate consumers about the harmful toxins found in mainstream cosmetics and offer effective, natural solutions. The line includes 100% natural cosmetics made with raw butters, herb-infused oils and essential oils that offer effective therapeutic skin and hair care solutions by way of healing herbs and aromatherapy. Pure ingredients, sourced from nature, combined to bring about positive transformation - that is what Herb 'n Beauty is all about. 

The Herb 'n Beauty products have been shown to improve minor and major skin conditions (cellulite, eczema, rash, acne, stretch marks, wrinkles) as well as work on an aromatherapeutic level to bring emotional and mental balance. 

Kassandra sent me a few products to try out and I fell in LOVE with the Aromatherapy mists. Especially LOVE, it smells amazingly sweet and romantic and I love it's versatility. It can be used on the body, as a face toner as well as room spray. I love to use it in the evening to help me unwind and let the day's stresses float away.

Malachite + Elephant now carries  all 6 aromatherapy mists formulations, they are...

  • ENERGIZE - increases energy and uplifts mood
  • RELAX - promotes relaxation, regulates sebum and treats acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • FOCUS - promotes mental clarity and focus, prevents breakouts and acne
  • JOY - promotes optimism and positivity
  • and of course, LOVE - Eases anxiety and stress, promotes feeling of L.O.V.E.

Find them here,

It bring me so much joy to discover and share new lines of natural, ethical and green beauty products. If there are other brands you'd like to see on Malachite + Elephant, please let me know.


À bientôt



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