Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 01, 2019 0 Comments

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is May 12th in Canada and the USA!!!! (or May 19th in other countries). Thought I'd put together a list of perfect selfcare gifts for your Mama and all the mother figures in your life.

Gifts to promote relaxation

Herb 'N Beauty Aromatherapy Mists ($16.00) make amazing body sprays to refresh and revitalize the skin as well as to offer a nice, natural fragrance without the use of perfumes. These mists are incredibly refreshing to the skin and can be used on face and body. They come in various scents including RELAX with lavender and bergamot essential oils, known to promote sleep and relaxation.


Birchrose + Co's Coconut + Lime Bath Soak ($28.00) is made with moisturizing coconut milk blended with ultra healing and hydrating aloe vera. The added lime oil will make any mama feel like she's on a tropical getaway. 

Vetiver essential oil is also known as the Oil of Tranquility. Kreyól Essence Vetiver Body Crème is a luxurious, creamy non-greasy body cream that penetrates and provides hydration all day long.  


New products for shiny & healthy hair...

TGIN has recently released a series of new products including Sweet Honey Hair Milk  ($16.00) is infused with raw honey and agave nectar for the perfect combination of moisture and antioxidants, to help condition and detangle overworked kinky, curly and wavy tresses.  



Kreyol Essence moisturizing Deep Conditioner Hair Mask  ($38.00) because we all need a deep conditioner and this one is specifically designed to nourish and soften curly or coily hair. 


Sérum du Désert ($54.00) is made for all hair types, it's formulated like a luxurious face serum with exclusive botanical ingredients and green innovation.



Gifts for glowing skin...

If you're anything like me, a good masque is an essential step in your skincare routine. Jacq's Organics Clarifying Masque & Scrub ($22.10) is like a green smoothie for your face. It's made with an abundance of Minerals, Botanical Peptides and Rich Clays that work to help get oxygen into skin cells. 


The combination of Birchrose + Co.'s Watermelon White Tea Cleanser ($25.00) and Flower Water ($20.00) will help deeply cleanse, remove makeup and help soothe and balance skin. Ingredients include rich organic teas, watermelon extract, aloe vera, neroli, rose water and vitamins A, E, B5. It's basically a skin soothing cocktail for your face. 


RICE AND CLEAN Gentle Facial Cleanser ($31.25) is a rice bran based cleanser - Japan’s secret to smooth, soft, clear skin. It naturally contains gamma oryzanol, which has been shown in studies to both soften skin and protect it from UV light damage. This cleanser delicately exfoliates your skin - perfect for skin prone to breakouts.


Wishing all of you an extra special Mother's Day!



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