M+E Ambassador: Tasia Casandra

March 16, 2019 0 Comments

M+E Ambassador: Tasia Casandra

I am so pleased to introduce Tasia Casandra to the M+E Ambassador family. I met Tasia a year ago through M+E's participation in the Black Panther Challenge.

Tasia is one half on the duo of ladies behind THE RISE INITIATIVE, an Ottawa based non-profit Organization focused on creating social transformation at the local level by empowering women and raising young leaders.  

I believe we can build strong communities by supporting entrepreneurs, local businesses and investing in upcoming leaders, especially those with voices and ideas that are typically underrepresented.

 Tasia Casandra - Girl Boss Workspace

Tasia is a model in life, work and family balance. Not only does she work full-time, run and NPO, she also prioritizes time for her family. #ladyboss

Whenever I can find a spare moment, I love spending it with my husband, children and family. You will often find us at the movies, sharing a meal or taking a walk. I love cooking, working out and reading, and I have a passion for health, real estate and wealth creation.

 Tasia Casandra Brown - Ottawa

In her own words

Motherhood is at the root of my passion for health and eco-responsibility. Not only do I care about the health and wellness of my children, but they have made me care more deeply about my own self-care. I need to be healthy and vibrant to raise them, make memories with them, and live long enough to see them grow. I am responsible for teaching them how to make healthy choices and how to care for our planet.

Today, many of us are aware of the importance of what we put IN our body, but so many of us are not making conscience choices as to what we put ON our body. It is so important to choose products from companies who understand that health should not be sacrificed for shelf-life, and that you do not need to pollute to be profitable. Green and ethical beauty products are about being responsible consumers and socially conscience buyers. The products we buy are not just about caring for ourselves, but about leaving a sustainable earth for the next generation.

 Tasia Casandra - M+E Ambassador

On natural beauty and self-care

Natural beauty begins in the uniqueness of every individual. It is best maintained through green, non-toxic, non-synthetic, and organic care. It is beauty that may be enhanced and well maintained but is unaltered and genuine.

Self-care is about making conscience decisions to maintain and improve your physical and mental health, and spiritual wellbeing. This can mean anything from taking a bath, choosing a healthy diet, prayer and meditation, or even ending a toxic relationship. It’s the sum of choices we make towards a whole, healthy person made daily, holistically and consistently.


Thank you so much for joining the M+E Family, Tasia. I really look forward to a long partnership. Looks like we already have a lot in common ... Reading + Coffee!!!
Tasia Casandra - Reading Michelle Obama's BECOMING
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À bientôt!


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