M+E Ambassador: Lauren Hasz of A CUP OF BLISS

October 02, 2018 0 Comments

M+E Ambassador: Lauren Hasz of A CUP OF BLISS

This keeps getting better, our latest M+E Ethical Beauty Ambassador is Lauren Hasz from Denver, Colorado. Lauren is a coffee-drinker by day, and a tea-drinker by night ... must be why I love her so much. She is a loving mama of two beautiful babies and also a Doula. 

If this weren't enough, Lauren runs a small business and is wellness supporter. She left a corporate management position in women's health in 2017 to love on her family, herself, and pursue a newfound dream of owning her own small business  ABLYSS WOMEN while also writing a blog called A CUP of BLISS.

Lauren Hasz of A CUP of BLISS and Malachite + Elephant Beauty Ambassador

In her own words...
Ever since I was little, my mama was a "crunchy" mama before it was cool and instilled in me a love of plant-based products and toxin-free wellness. As a mama of two now myself, I primarily devote my time to teaching an international team about how to get chemicals out of the home, personal care products, and medicine cabinet. Our family is passionate about the hygge lifestyle and using essential oils. I would love to continue to expand my natural products in our home.
Lauren Hasz - Malachite + Elephant Ambassador
Lauren on Natural Beauty
Natural beauty to me is a brave thing in today's world. In a society that values magazine-cover beauty, often the natural, luxurious, green options are overlooked. I would define natural beauty as the concept of enhancing the in-born traits and natural glow of a person with ethical, sustainable, toxin-free products.
On the topic of tax-free products, Lauren and her business partner have created four healing lubricants for four distinct season of a woman's life, you can experience them by clicking on the image below. Their business ABLYSS WOMEN actively supports organizations that empower women worldwide.
You can find Lauren on her personal and business IG pages.
Thank you so much for joining the M+E Family, Lauren. I really look forward to a long partnership. You can also join the family by clicking here.
À bientôt!

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