Kreyol Essence strikes a $400K deal on Shark Tank

January 15, 2020 0 Comments

Kreyol Essence strikes a $400K deal on Shark Tank

Did you see it ??? There's been so much well deserved buzz around Kreyol Essence's feature on ABCs Shark Tank.

KE founders and life partners Yve-Car and Stephane did an amazing job of presenting the company and it's staple product Haitian Black Castor Oil (or Lwil Maskriti).

KE is an ethical brand with a mission to empower and promote economical growth in Haiti. That message and their pride in the Haitian culture was evident and delivered with so much passion and in an overwhelmingly emotional way.  

When pressed to accept a deal they did not feel comfortable with, Yve-Car responded:

"Its not just about the great product, its about the mission of helping to create a blueprint for poverty alleviation."

Under great pressure to accept the deal, they maintained their focus and desire to hold on to majority ownership of the company. In the end, they countered Mr. Wonderful's offer and struck a deal that satisfied all parties.  Have a look below. 

I am so proud of these two!!! What makes this even more special and inspirational is that the show aired on the 10-year anniversary of the January 12th devastating hearthquake in Haiti.

Malachite + Elephant has been a partner of Kreyol Essence since we were founded in 2015. Their Haitian Black Castor Oil was the first product chosen for the store. Over the years, I have watched their growth with immense pride and admiration. In 2018, I featured Yve-Car in a blog showcasing female entrepreneurs making a difference in the world (see here).

Congrats Yve-Car and Stephane - you make us all so proud - continued growth and many more successes to you and the entire KE team.

You can find Kreyol Essence's products here



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