Introducing : OOO POLISH - the perfect shades for all skin tones

January 01, 2019 0 Comments

Introducing : OOO POLISH - the perfect shades for all skin tones

M+E is finally offering nail polishes. I can't believe it's taken me this long because I have been a nail polish junkie since my early teenage years. The one thing that was holding me back is the chemical composition of most brands which is not in line with two of M+E's principles of only selling cruelty-free products without harsh chemicals.

I did some research on the gentler nail polish compositions a while back, to get a better understanding of the whole 5-FREE, 6-FREE, etc. I learned that most harsher chemicals are absent from those formulations; the number stands for the number of chemicals that are absent from the product. With this in mind, I started rethinking my position on whether or not M+E would partner with a nail polish brand.

I was so excited  when I saw M+E Ambassador Anaelle of AFROPREPPY wearing the most beautiful navy blue polish. I complimented her on her exquisite mani and she sent me two bottles of OOO POLISH to try and a crystal from her store. What a sweetheart!




Now trust me, I know a good polish and this one impressed me after the first stroke, for two reasons: 

 #1 although I always apply two coats, a good polish should offer good coverage with one coat, a good applicator really helps with this - this one definitely did

#2 has to last at least 4 days without chipping, more if you use a top coat - this one passes with flying colours!!!

Here's one of two colours I received from Anaelle, this rich caramel shade is called BLA. The other one, called DAKODONU is the navy shade pictured above.

 OOO 8-FREE Nail Polish in BLA



OOO POLISH was created by Symantha Wechie-Onyechi.   Samantha handcrafts 8-FREE & BUNNY CERTIFIED nail lacquers especially made for every skin tone. If you've you been looking for the perfect nude for your skin tone or the perfect jewel tones, this brand's for you!



Symantha was inspired to create a line of polishes specifically catered to the many shades and undertones of women of color when she grew tired of the limited nude colour selection in the stores, she decided to mix her own shades to bring out the beauty of brown skin.

 We are the nail lacquer brand dedicated to inclusive imagery and formulating nail lacquer colors for Women of Color skin tones. Made for Women of Color is not meant to exclude but to include imagery of brown hands and imagery with colors many women feel like they could never wear. Our goal is to create a new standard. We all deserve to be represented, and that representation should also include the nail industry.



I believe representation matters and I want to take away the guess work when selecting beauty products for your skin tone. Of course, all OOO lacquers look beautiful on all skin tones and I welcome everyone to enjoy my beauty products!

What an amazing way to start off the new year - I am so proud of this new partnership. For now, M+E will carry the exclusive KNOW THYSELF COLLECTION (pictured below) as well as about 10 other shades uniquely named after Yoruba, Orishas, African Gods and historic Queens of Africa. This includes:

  • FON, a rich chocolate hue (pictured above);
  • AGULERI,  a shimmery cobalt blue; and
  • AKABA, a brilliant violet.


OOO POLISH for women of colour


Did I mention Symantha, hand blends all the polishes in the line. Have a look at her working her magic... so satisfying. 



Hope you love these as much as I do and if there is a specific colour you'd like to see on M+E, let me know. 

Happy New Year, Beauties!




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