Resolution for 2018: Be more ETHICAL

January 13, 2018 0 Comments

Resolution for 2018: Be more ETHICAL

I've been thinking about a theme for 2018 for a few weeks now and the one thing that keeps coming back to me is to be more ethical in everything we do. So this is my personal challenge in this new year: to live more lightly, kindly and mindfully.

So what does ETHICAL really mean -

The word ETHICAL means avoiding activities or organizations that do harm to people or the environment... in short, it means to DO GOOD!  easy enough, don't you think?

Again this year, I'm inspired by Pantone's colour of the year. This year, they chose a vibrant purple called Ultraviolet.  I truly love all things purple, lavender, grapes, amethysts, lilac, .. and of course Prince (miss him so...).


PS This product is no longer in production - but doesn't it look amazing!!!

Back to our theme, purple is a colour that balances the calm & stability of blue and the bold energy of red, its associated to creativity, wisdom, peace, it uplifts & calms and offers a sense of spirituality. If you're into Chakras, it's linked to the nervous system & pure thought. All of this to me is so in line with an ethical lifestyle. So perfect choice Pantone!!!

So how will I do this, of course I will continue to showcase all or our amazing ethical beauty & wellness brands but I'll also share some other ethical, fair trade and cruelty free brands. I'll also feature some of my favourite ethical lifestyle influencers and bloggers. 

Ethical ethos, meditation, coffee and crystals


This is also a very personal journey for me as I plan on making better choices in what I buy, what I eat, where I go. I plan to create less waste,  be more mindful overall and be a better human being.  I will share my journey to incorporating more ethical choices in my everyday life with you and would love to find out what ethical choices you are making.

Hope 2018 is kind to you so far... This year lets try leave this world better state than we found it.

À bientôt!



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