Looking back on 2016

December 22, 2016 0 Comments

Looking back on  2016

What a year 2016 has been, for Malachite + Elephant it was our first anniversary year and our first full year in business. Overall it’s been amazing, I had to opportunity to connect with some amazing ladies, makers, media personalities, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. I made some mistakes along the way but also learned great lessons.  

The intention behind M+E has always been to be an ethical business with a mission of doing good, making you feel you and giving back. With that in mind, in 2016, I partnered with the Haiti Tree Project and will make my first donation this holiday season. With this donation a total of 400 trees will be planted in Haiti in 2017!!!

A personal highlight of 2016 for me was the moment when at an exhibition, two girls were chatting in front of my display. One  of them pointed to my sign and said said: ‘do you know Malachite +Elephant?’ and the other said ‘Of course I do!’ They then looked at me and asked me how I was linked to M+E and I said I’m the founder and they said "REALLY!!! That's you!!!'. At that moment, I knew that my little idea over a year ago had taken a life of its own –  to me, that is success! 

With these experiences and successes came the realization that I can no longer do it on my own, so in 2017 I will be looking for a like-minded business partner to help me maintain and grow Malachite + Elephant.

Finally, I cannot thank all of you enough for your continued love and support. I mostly enjoy connecting with you, my customers all over the world. I loved reading all your reviews and even a few complaints when products were out of stock (thank you so much for your patience).  I even received some very personal emails and made some new friends along the way. I’m happy connections were made over a love of shea butter!!! Who knew. 

A very special thank you to my close friends and family for attending events with me, carrying boxes up and down stairs, testing products and for your genuine support, advice and love. 

I will be taking a much needed break from now until the new year.  Wishing you all a happy & peaceful holiday season and all the best in the new year.


Best moments of 2016

 All the reviews and love received by these natural beauties

 Reviews by Style Domination, Bytown & Bloor, Lirons D'elle, Melissa Flerangile, Girl and Vanity and Dina Fetsum


Participating in my first exhibition - BLAXPO and many others after that

 BLAXPO 2016 for Black History Month in Montreal


Receiving a very personal 5star review  of one of our best selling products.

Excellent review of Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil

"My daughter is Haitian Born and growing up in Canada, her skin and hair had been doing well until she started kindergarten. Food intolerances, turning 5, and her decreased water intake during school turned her scalp into a perfect place for eczema.I used Castor Oil to treat it after it was put into protective styling, but the difference between what I found used from (other brand) and when I started using the Kreyol Essence Haitian Black is night and day! My daughter's scalp started to heal up so fast and her hair growth rate changed drastically.
Haitian Black Castor Oil is now part of our routine."


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