Blogger Review : Girl & Vanity reviews Birchrose & Co Cleansing Oil

November 01, 2016 0 Comments

Blogger Review : Girl & Vanity reviews Birchrose & Co Cleansing Oil

Ottawa Blogger Marielle of Girl & Vanity - makeup  & beauty blogger

Marielle is the fantastic Ottawa Blogger behind Girl & Vanity, a blog on all things beauty.  She calls herself a full-blown makeup enthusiast. I'm more of a "makeup minimalist" so I read a lot of her blogs in the hopes of learning more and discovering new products. I was amazed and informed by her candid and honest reviews, her lovely pictures and her sense of humour.  

I learned so much...little did I know that natural vs synthetic bristle makeup brushes make a huge difference in makeup application!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge Marielle.

Ottawa Blogger Girl & VanityWith all her skincare and makeup experience I thought she'd enjoy the  Birchrose & Co's Tamanu and Wild Citrus Cleansing Oil. She agreed to do a review so I sent her a bottle. She tried it for a few weeks and wrote a very honest and positive review.





I am definitely a fan of this product. I think it does a great job of cleansing the face and doing the heavy duty work whenever I wear a heavier face of makeup. At the same time, I find it to be very gentle on the skin. I really enjoy the aromatherapeutic sensation the oil gives when you’re waiting for the hot towel to cool on your face – it’s quite relaxing! I also loved how it didn’t irritate my skin at all, which I’ll admit I was a little worried about when I first received the product. It’s definitely a huge bonus that the product uses natural and organic ingredients.

 BIRCHROSE & CO Tamanu + Wild Citrus Cleansing Oil


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