Tangled Tika review - TGIN Moist Collection Sample Pack

July 31, 2015 0 Comments

I recently met up with the lovely, beautiful and smart Martika Rochell of Tangled Tika. Tika is a university student, model and blogger.  She writes a lifestyle blog called Tangled Tika where she shares her thoughts and experiences related to modelling, beauty, fashion and health. She also shares some of her favourite recipes.

Tangled Tika - Ottawa Blogger

Every Friday, she writes a blog called #FroFriday and this week she reviewed TGIN's Moist Collection Sample Pack

This is what she had to say:

The TGIN shampoo is sulphate free and yet still has an amazing lather! Most of the shampoos I have found usually don’t lather due to the lack of sulfates. If you’ve been missing the bubbles like me, then I definitely recommend this ‘poo! (...) What I liked most about this product was that I was able to start my detangling process while shampooing because of the slip.

TGIN - Tangled Tika Review - Ottawa blogger

Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner smells so damn good! The main ingredients are raw honey, olive oil and jojoba oil. Besides the amazing smell, this deep conditioner has become my new favourite. It’s great for naturals that have damaged ends or are still in the transition stage.

Butter Cream Moisturizer has shea butter and coco butter as its main ingredients. That being said, do not use too much! Seriously, don’t do what I did. Less is way more! If you use too much then you won’t really get to see the product work its magic. Because of the main ingredients this product smells like heaven, or your favourite aunty.

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