Favorites February 2016 - Favoris de février 2016

March 06, 2016 0 Comments

Favorites February 2016 - Favoris de février 2016

February in the nation's capital has been both very cold and very beautiful with record lows and record snowfall. I used to hate winter but in the past few years, I've learned to enjoy the beauties of the winter season. Its a time for outdoor activities and indoor pampering sessions. As a yoga student I naturally gravitated towards meditation and mindfulness during this season. For that reason, my february favorites are yoga and wellness related.


Our very own M+E mala and matching bracelet made of jasper and malachite, of course!  
Be inspired by nature's healing green beauty and its constant renewal. Find your own inner balance, joy and harmony. 

I chose Jasper because it is knows at the "supreme nurturer" and it is  believed to provide a deep sense of harmony and inner peace. - And malachite because of its deep healing green colour, it is known as a stone of transformation, providing spiritual growth and protection from negativity.

mindfulness + kindness = kindfulness by Ajahn Brahm explains how . This book had me at the first page with "by looking after oneself, one looks after others - and by looking after others, one looks after oneself. Kindfulness (...) is a wonderful way to bring truth into our lives." 

My favourite YouTube Yoga Teacher is Celest Pereira. Celest is based in London and her videos and website are so inspiring. This video talks about... she also has yoga tutorials and does her own monthly favorites. I was very inspired by this video where she talks about the relationship between mind and body and how to be your own best team player.


I have loved burning incense for years, I find it calms me and clears the air. Some of my fave incense scents are patchouli and amber. This is my first time trying Jasmine scented incense by Morning Star Incense and I just love it, I also love the tiny tile holder that comes with the package. 

Lastly, what's a chilly day in without a cup of tea. This month I've been sipping on lemongrass tea. It is said that lemongrass tea aids digestion, calms the nervous system and helps treat high blood pressure. I got mine from the Tea Store in Ottawa.

Thanks for reading and remember to always be kind. 


See you soon!


D. xox






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