Jade Facial Roller

Jade rollers have been used by Chinese women for centuries as part of their beauty routines. 

It's so easy to use, you basically apply your favorite oil, cream or serum to your face and start rolling. Rolling the wider end in an upward motion on cheeks and up and down on the forehead. You can carefully use the smaller end around your eyes and up and down the corner of the eyes to relax those crow's feet.

Keep in fridge of freezer for a quick morning pick me up.

Benefits of rolling include:

  • increased circulation
  • improved elasticity & brightness
  • improved lymphatic drainage
  • reduced inflammation
  • contour cheekbone and jawline
  • relieve tension & headaches
  • diminish appearance of fine lines
  • reduced dark & puffy under eye circles
  • its a cool morning pick me up 

Every roller is different due to natural colour variations in the stone. 

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