Haitian Moringa: Face & Hair Oil

Moringa Oil is Haiti's “natural Botox”. Moringa is famous for its anti-aging properties, its a potent anti-oxidant that fights the effects of pollution and promotes glowing skin, and delivers minerals and vitamin C to the hair follicles.  


  • anti-aging: filled with antioxidants that slow the aging process and fight free radicals
  • create a natural glow: great skin purifier that makes skin glow naturally
  • fights acne , blackheads and dark spots
  • helps cure minor cuts, rashes or burns
  • moisturizes scalp & fights dandruff
  • strengthens hair by delivering minerals and vitamins to the hair follicles


  • oil cleansing
  • nourishing addition to your face cream, night cream or serum
  • soothes dry skin & lips
  • smooth split ends
  • scalp massage oil
  • beard oil
  • cuticle & nail oil

Use on Face, Hair & Body.

Size: 2 oz 

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