Donate a lemon tree

Malachite + Elephant is a proud partner of the Haiti Tree Project. To date, through our sales we have helped them plant approximately 200 trees. 

The project has had great successes with lemon trees in the past year

« We've distributed all the lemon trees that we raised.  This is great news, lemon trees grow fast and provide a really valuable crop to the local people.  It's a win-win.  We tackle deforestation and provide a valuable cash crop. Those lemon trees that were planted two years ago are growing nicely and have started to produce lemons.  These trees survived the drought really well. 

We'll be planting more lemons in the future! »

Help us support this new goal by donating one lemon. That’s right, with the current price of one organic lemon ($2 CAN) you can help fund a lemon tree. 

Add this item to your cart to make your donation. 

Thank you so much for your support and keep in touch to see our progress.

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