Malachite + Elephant Meditation Mala

Inspired by Malachite + Elephant, made with love and intention by MalaRae.

Be inspired by nature's healing green beauty and its constant renewal. Find your own inner balance, joy and harmony.

This meditation mala is handmade using the gemstones Jasper & Malachite.

Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. A stone of balance, it is believed to provide a deep sense of harmony and inner peace. It can help to enhance creativity, bestow courage, strengthen willpower and provide protection against negativity. It’s also believed to help boost the immune system, aid in detoxification, stimulate circulation and increase energy. Jasper can be used to cleanse, boost and realign all the chakras.

Malachite is known for its opaque strength; the movement and flow of its lines soothe and welcome. It's colour is a deep healing green reminiscent of nature. It is believed to be a stone of transformation, providing spiritual growth and protection from negativity.

108 beads at 6mm each.

Hand knotted between each stone.

Hangs approximately 48cm in length (including tassel).

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Find out more about the lovely Kyla Miller, founder of MalaRae and maker of Malachite + Elephant Meditation malas here:

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