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Maxim creator of Enbois by MaximMaxim started Enbois as a creative hobby while in College with the help of some college friends.  His work soon began to build in popularity but in the back of his mind he knew he wanted to build something that would separate enbois from other jewelry retailers. He came up with the idea to sell his pieces for a greater purpose. He decided to help fund a project that improves resources in education and distance learning programs in rural areas of Haiti through  the Haitian Resource Development Foundation.  After finishing this project, he was introduced to the world of reforestation and knew immediately that this was the perfect fit for his products.


enbois - (en•bwa) French for the term "wooden", to signify the essence of all Enbois' natural pieces.  

Enbois by Maxim produces handcrafted wooden accessories, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses and even watches & iPhone covers using ethically harvested woods.


ENbois by Maxim proud supporter of the Haiti Tree Project



Giving back:

Haiti Tree Project

For every item purchased, Enbois donates enough money to plant 5 trees in areas of Haiti devastated by deforestation through The Haiti Tree Project. At November 2016, 5,005 trees have been planted in Haiti through their support.





Enbois By Maxim - AYITI BRACELET


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